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Vitoria Falls Quartzite Polished/Suede
Stone Design
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Grey, White

Product Information

*IMPORTANT* This material is designated as a Soft Quartzite. Soft Quartzites are harder and more chemical resistant than marbles. However, they will still etch if prolonged exposure to acidic spills and messes occurs. Soft Quartzites feature the upscale elegance of marble with much better resistance to scratching and etching. That said, Soft Quartzite does require extra care when compared to Granites and Quartzites. Wiping up spills immediately and avoiding dragging heavy objects is a cornerstone of caring for Soft Quartzites. With proper care, scratches and etching can be minimized or avoided entirely.

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Type of Material


Available Finishes


Available Sizes

Slabs - 3cm

Applications & Uses

Interior Flooring, Interior Walls, Kitchen Counters, Other Counters

Additional Notes

Tile availability and the option of larger cut-to-size formats give you the custom flooring and backsplash possibilities you are looking for.

Care & Maintenance

Use DryTreat penatrating sealers to seal your stone, and Hannafin cleaners to keep it beautifully maintained.  Some stones may benefit from the application of Enhance Plus.  Click here to read more about DryTreat Sealers & Cleaners.

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