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Modern Polished/Matte - CLEARANCE
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Product Information

1 1/2 matte and 1/2 polish left

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Type of Material


Available Finishes

Polished, Matte

Available Sizes

Slabs - 3cm, Limited Stock - Call for Availability

Applications & Uses

Interior Walls, Kitchen Counters, Other Counters, Bathroom Vanities

Additional Notes

Explore Radianz™ designs in high gloss and Matte finishes to expand your options. Radianz™ quartz is a durable, high-gloss surface with a timeless, natural look. Our cutting-edge compression manufacturing method enables us to create a high-density material comprised of high-purity, natural quartz, providing a luxurious, low-maintenance surface suitable for a multitude of interior applications.

Care & Maintenance

Radianz™  boasts easy maintenance thanks to its nonporous and chemical-resistant nature. Unlike natural stone, it does not require additional sealing to retain its permanent, high-gloss finish. Most contaminants can be removed by simply wiping the surface with a damp cloth. Just wipe away food or beverage residue using a neutral detergent and water. Avoid the use of alkaline detergents.

Matte surfaces may require additional daily and weekly care. Due to the nature of the surface design, it is recommended that common household spills like liquid droplets and rings are dried immediately. As with any matte product, owners may experience seeing an increase in smudges from everyday living.

Weekly, the surface should be cleaned with Soft Scrub®Liquid Gel with Bleach and thoroughly dried.

We encourage you to order a sample of our products that you are considering. When you receive your sample, try treating it to a few different scenarios that you may face in your Kitchen; spill something on it, touch it with greasy fingers, clean it. This will help you understand how the surface responds to your daily life and how comfortable you feel with it.


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