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For nearly 30 years, Stone Design has been the Midwest's leading supplier of natural stone in both slab and tile. In more recent years, Stone Design has branched off to include the distribution of Colorquartz, JAaron Wood Countertops, Neolith compact sintered surfaces in slab and tile, Trend Tile, IceStone, DryTreat Sealers & Hanafinn cleaners. We serve an extensive base of designers, architects, builders, tile contractors, distributors and fabricators throughout the U.S.

Our own fleet of slab delivery trucks make regularly scheduled runs throughout our territory, which includes: Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Indiana, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri and Nebraska.

Our combined on-hand inventory comprises of more than 18,000 slabs and nearly 2,000,000 square feet of tile. This is material in our warehouse and available for shipment, today.

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  • Hi,

    My name is Aaron Veach, and I just wanted to share some positive feedback I have in regards to one of your distributors here in the Chicago area.

    I recently purchased and had installed some Caesarstone Raven coutertops from a local kitchen and bath company near my house. The next day after they were installed I saw them in the light for the first time and they looked pretty bad. They looked stained and cloudy in certain areas and there were long ridges of light and dark pools throughout the stone and overall just looked a mess. I cleaned them multiple times with liquid dish soap and warm water, but nothing helped.Continued >
  • After some discussions with the company I bought the counters from (they were helpful and tried to resolve the issue, but could not completely resolve the issue unfortunately), I called Caesarstone to see if this was normal and they gave me the number of Stone Design, who is the distributor for my area. I called Stone Design and was put in contact with Jeff Dahlberg. Jeff was very knowledgeable and when I described the issue, he knew immediately what the problem was. He asked if anyone had put any type of sealant or chemical on the tops. I told him the installer put some sort of sealant onto the counters and that it had sat there for a day or two before I wiped it off. He immediately called the local company and the installer and talked to them about what was done.Continued >
  • He offered to come out himself and help fix the issue. I told him I would try to clean them myself using some of his solutions and he helped me over the next several days with solutions that helped incrementally get us to the point where they were about 85% better. Most people would have stopped there or at least been less responsive but he called me several times to check on the progress. He actually ended up coming out to my house himself with a bucket of cleaning supplies and after a couple of hours of hard labor, was able to completely restore the counters to what they should look like.Continued >
  • Its very good to know that there are still people out there that take this kind of pride in their work and their product and would go to these lengths to support a product and to fix an issue which they (Jeff and Stone Design) did not cause and had nothing to do with. That type of support from a distributor is not something I have seen before and I will definitely be recommending your product to anyone I know that is looking for counter tops (now that they look like they should).Thanks,

    Aaron Veach